Megaport joins OpenDaylight Project

Megaport joins OpenDaylight Project

Australia’s Megaport has today revealed that it has joined the OpenDaylight Project; an initiative focussed on accelerating the development of open source SDN and NFV.

Founded by industry leaders and open to all, the OpenDaylight Project is working on a transparent approach to SDN and NFV that fosters innovation and reduces risk.

Megaport provides on-demand, flexible connectivity to more than 100 network and cloud service providers, and its Megaport Platform – which launched services last year – is designed to create a new standard for networks and cloud services to interconnect.

“We’re really proud to be one of the few network service providers working on OpenDaylight so far,” said Denver Maddux, CEO at Megaport.

“The project’s charter is very similar to ours, and we think it represents the inevitable future of how the enterprise interacts with their communications tools and services.”

Megaport joins 48 other companies and over 300 developers across a wide range of industries in the OpenDaylight Project, which are working collaboratively to develop a common, open SDN framework consisting of code and blueprints.

“We believe tools like OpenDaylight will enable the enterprise to design products, services and operational support structures around their own enterprise and vertical, rather than having to staff up expertise in network administration and communications technologies,” said Mitchell Warden, founding engineer at Megaport.

“With so many virtualisation options now available to businesses, why should a healthcare company need to care about BGP [border gateway protocol] in order to spin up a private connection to their radiology imaging repository? The experience should be seamless.”