Telstra adds PoP in Johannesburg

Telstra adds PoP in Johannesburg

Telstra has launched a PoP in Johannesburg, South Africa, in partnership with Internet Solutions.

The move increases Telstra’s network footprint in South Africa, and adds to its existing Network-to-Network interconnection (NNI) across 16 African countries, including Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

It forms part of Telstra’s ongoing international expansion, which was boosted earlier this year by the$697 million acquisition of Pacnet

“To effectively cater to the needs of local and multi-national businesses operating here, we knew we needed to partner with an expert local provider, which is why we are leveraging Internet Solutions’ network footprint to extend our service coverage and provide customers the same security, redundancy and quality of service offered on the Telstra network,” said Bernadette Noujaim Baldwin, Telstra’s head of connectivity & platforms portfolio, Global Enterprise & Services.