Megaport moves into Hong Kong

Megaport moves into Hong Kong

Megaport has extended its coverage in Asia with the launch of services in Hong Kong.

The service deployments include Equinix HK-1 and Mega-iAdvantage; meaning users in Hong Kong are now able to order services to any other Megaport user via Megaport’s Virtual Cross Connect.

“Hong Kong is an important market and for us, a gateway into much of the rest of Asia,” said Denver Maddux, CEO at Megaport

“We are excited that we already have a base of users ready to get started at these sites with the cloud partners on our fabric, and we will be attracting new service providers into the region as well.” 

Users will also be able to reach their cloud and hosted assets, such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform, as well as take advantage of billing, usage and scaling services from Megaport on a pay-by-use basis. 

In November last year, Megaport partnered with Vibe Communications for expansion in New Zealand.