Digital Realty announces management changes

Digital Realty announces management changes

Digital Realty’s CTO Jim Smith and David Schirmacher, SVP of operations, will switch roles, effective March 1.

Retaining the title of CTO, Smith will take lead of the portfolio operations group which includes global property operations, technical operations, customer service, security and data centre services functions.

Schirmacher meanwhile will transition to the role of senior vice president of design & construction while continuing to oversee the development and ongoing implementation of EnVision, Digital Realty’s data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solution.

“This organisational change is in keeping with our commitment to unlock the outstanding talent within Digital Realty as we focus on how to best utilise our resources to drive future growth," said  William Stein, Digital Realty's CEO and CFO.

"Both Jim and David have established themselves as accomplished leaders within the company as well as the industry, and I believe that switching their roles will better leverage each of their key skills and experience, strengthen our overall operations and help Digital Realty secure our position as the premier global data centre provider.  They have each made impressive progress within their respective divisions, and this move is a testament to their abilities and flexibility to lead two vital aspects of our business."

Smith joined Digital Realty in 2004 and Schirmacher in 2012.