Global Capacity launches network connectivity application

Global Capacity launches network connectivity application

Global Capacity has launched a new application designed to enable business customers, carriers and partners to design and buy data network connectivity.

Part of its Marketplace connectivity platform, Network Builder is said to provide customers with purpose-built WAN networks for applications such as voice, video, cloud, storage and point of sale.

By leveraging the “Under the Right to Use” licence granted to all Global Capacity connectivity customers, the application is said to simplify the procurement of network, enabling large enterprises with thousands of sites to optimise their networks without time-consuming request for proposal (RFP) processes. 

Customers can access the application across various devices, and its user interface is said to enable them to build enterprise WANs and visually automate complex processes in just a few clicks. 

The application will initially focus on provisioning network cost, service technologies, latency, contract term and preferred interconnection points.  

“With One Marketplace Network Builder, Global Capacity has delivered on its commitment of Connectivity Made Simple, making technology barriers disappear so anyone can create the network they need,” said Ben Edmond, chief revenue officer at Global Capacity.  “One Marketplace plays a critical role in next-generation WAN delivery by providing the cost-effective, secure and reliable network connectivity that is essential for businesses to connect across the globe.” 

The move forms part of Global Capacity’s strategy of working with its growing ecosystem of partners to find better ways for its more than 20,000 business customers to connect to the One Marketplace platform and simplify connectivity. 

Earlier this month, Global Capacity completed its acquisition of Megapath’s Network Services business unit.