Ghana to issue licences for MVNOs, unified services

Ghana to issue licences for MVNOs, unified services

Ghana’s National Communications Authority (NCA) has invited applications for telecoms licences designed to increase competition in the industry.

The international wholesale carrier licence will be offered for GHS 1 million ($305,344) for five years. New international operators will need to be at least 70% Ghanaian owned.

“This licence is also expected to enable Ghanaian-registered entities to participate in international telecommunications trade, which is likely to boost the national income accrued from international traffic,” according to a statement by the NCA.

“It is for this reason that the government of Ghana has decided to further liberalise and regulate international wholesale carrier services by issuing licences to local carrier operators, to be referred to as international wholesale carrier licensees.” 

The NCA is also introducing MVNO licences, available for GHS 1.2 million for five years.

In addition, mobile operators can add a unified access licence to offer fixed services. Up to four unified licences will be issued. The unified licence would be valid for the remainder of their mobile licence, at GHS 600,000 per year. These are expected to help achieve the goal of the country’s National Telecom Policy of universal broadband access by 2020.