Telstra and Infinera demonstrate next-gen submarine fibre tech

Telstra and Infinera demonstrate next-gen submarine fibre tech

Infinera and Telstra have demonstrated next-generation submarine super-channel technology, which is expected to increase the capacity of a single fibre by 50%.

The test was conducted on a 2,200km route between Wada in Japan and Pusan in South Korea. The PM-8QAM technology delivers a 50% increase in capacity when compared with the most common current coherent modulation technique – PM-QPSK – in a typical installation under the same conditions.

"We're delighted to collaborate with Infinera to push technology boundaries when it comes to advanced super-channel techniques," said Telstra's Andrew Hankins, head of engineering of global enterprise & services.

"We believe that the current and future capabilities of the DTN-X platform and our use of the newest technologies will continue to give Telstra a clear advantage in the Pacific region, both in terms of capacity and the ability to help deliver reliable services quickly to meet customer demand," he added.

As part of a larger showcase of submarine super-channel capabilities by Telstra and Infinera, a demonstration of PM-3QAM modulation on a 4,250km link between California and Hawaii was also completed.