Megaport joins Google Cloud Platform

Megaport joins Google Cloud Platform

Australia’s Megaport has become an authorised technology partner for the Google Cloud Platform.

The agreement will see the communications provider deliver interconnection services to the platform, enabling Megaport users and affiliates to reach the Google Cloud Platform from wherever their data or their consumers reside. 

Megaport will facilitate enterprise-grade connections to Google’s network edge, and users will also be able to use a VPN tunnel to connect private data centres directly to the Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform enables enterprises to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s infrastructure and Brooke Mouland, CMO at Megaport, said that offering this type of service was important to the company.

“Simple is good, and choice is good. Google Cloud Platform offers both, and our user community can have both in a matter of minutes,” Mouland said.

“Using an orchestrated solution between the cloud, the network and the enterprise is the best way to fully realise the potential that these new technologies offer.”

Megaport will provide a fully automated quote, activation and management platform of network services from a user to a variety of Google services such as Google Cloud Storage, Google App Engine and Google BigQuery.

The partnership forms part of Megaport’s global expansion strategy, revealed late last year.