Telstra targets finance sector

Telstra targets finance sector

Telstra has launched a low-latency trading network and range of ITC solutions targeting the finance sector.

The carrier is providing low-latency connectivity between major financial capitals, such as London, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney.

Its Global Financial Trading Solutions portfolio is said to offer a range of managed services, including managed cloud and unified communications.

As part of the move, it is also providing server infrastructure located at data centres and stock exchanges in global financial hubs.

"Backed by faster response times and higher scalability, Telstra's Global Financial Trading Solutions facilitates increased efficiencies, helping customers mitigate risk and address compliance concerns, while focussing on what's most important to them – driving revenue and sustainable business growth," said Matthew Lempriere, head of financial services market segment, Global Enterprise & Services, Telstra. 

The launch marks the start of an important year for Telstra, after the carrier acquired Pacnet for $697 million just before Christmas.