Huawei launches dual-beam antenna solution

Huawei launches dual-beam antenna solution

China’s Huawei has released a dual-beam antenna solution, designed to efficiently deploy 6-sector networks for operators.

Essentially developed to increase network capacity, the solution has already been deployed by AIS Thailand and improved the operator’s network capacity by 70%.

“Offering our subscribers the best mobile broadband experience is our primary concern and the main reason why at this time, we expanded our network capacity on a large scale,” AIS said in a statement.

“Thanks to Huawei’s 6-sector solution and dual-beam antenna, we can achieve this target. Moreover, we firmly believe that this solution will bring tremendous value to other operators as well.”

Although the foundational mobile network for operators, UMTS is increasingly experiencing bottlenecks as the number of users rises.

Huawei’s solution focusses on the traditional 6-sector solution for capacity enhancement – not thought to be a viable answer for large scale commercialisation – and uses three dual beam antennas to provide significantly greater coverage.

“Huawei relentlessly focusses on developing solutions for the challenges faced by operators as well as the ongoing requirements of the mobile broadband era,” said Zhou Taoyuan, president of Huawei Antenna business unit.

“The launch and industry’s first large scale commercialization of the innovative dual-beam antenna will not only allow operators to maximise the efficiency of existing spectrum bands, but also help solve capacity problems, improve the user experience and achieve business success.”