P4 selects BICS for LTE roaming

Polish mobile operator P4 has selected BICS’ IPX platform for the launch of LTE roaming services.

An extension of an existing partnership between the two firms, the deal will allow P4 customers to access LTE roaming services while travelling, and incoming roamers to access voice and high-speed data services on P4’s network in Poland.

“The enthusiastic response of our customers to the domestic LTE experience combined with the bundle of services provided by BICS oblige us to provide the highest quality of international roaming,” said Jacek Niewęgłowski, chief strategy officer at P4.

BICS’ IPX platform has facilitated a number of firsts in the LTE roaming sector, including Angolan mobile operator Unitel’s first 4G video roaming call in Africa, as well as enabling the first roaming sessions between America and Asia-Pacific.

In January this year, BICS revealed that its IPX platform could facilitate LTE roaming services for more than 95 million subscribers worldwide.

“As the leading signalling and GRX provider in the world, BICS is committed to enabling P4 in offering the highest quality of service to their customers,” said Nicholas Nikrouyan, CCO at BICS.

“Through our secure IP interconnection, P4’s customers can now enjoy the 4G/LTE experience while roaming on networks around the world.”

P4  partnered with iBasis in May this year for thelaunch of an international high-definition voice service.