Elisa and Nokia Networks boost upload speeds

Elisa and Nokia Networks boost upload speeds

Finland’s Elisa and Nokia Networks have jointly completed successful tests of centralised RAN for enhanced data upload speeds.

The tests were carried out in the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, on Elisa’s live LTE network, and the Nokia centralised RAN eliminated congestion by turning interference into useful traffic. 

“We continuously search for new ways to improve our services,” said Sami Komulainen, VP of mobile network services at Elisa. “Our co-operation with Nokia guarantees fast LTE-network also in big mass events and our customers can share their experiences in social media.”

The solution used baseband interworking and liquid cells to improve the average uplink throughput by 2.5 times, as well as extended the battery life by 33% as devices did not need to transmit at high power to fight interference. 

“The densely populated area of the Hartwall Arena was perfect for trialling specific technology for mass events,” said Ari Leppä, head LTE product management at Nokia Networks.

“Our centralised RAN helps Elisa build a dense LTE network to deliver maximum capacity and robust services.”

Elisa and Nokia Networks share a long-term relationship and in January, the two partnered for the roll-out of Finland’s first LTE network.