SK Telecom and Samsung agree partnership on 5G

SK Telecom and Samsung have announced a partnership to lead 5G network research in South Korea.

The two companies signed an MoU to start joint research on 5G network technology and service deployment. As part of the agreement, the two companies will co-operate mainly on sharing 5G vision and running standardisation groups and technology forums.

It will also define and select frequency bands suitable for implementation of 5G technology, conduct R&D and experiment on enabling technologies including the next-generation small cell capabilities to develop 5G and IoT services.

Technical specifications for 5G have not yet been globally agreed, but 5G is expected to support 1,000 times more data capacity and successfully transition away from LTE, which is seen as a densely connected network.

“The 5G communications system needs an ecosystem where operators and manufacturers co-operate in areas of related standards, devices, network equipment and new services,” said Kyungwhoon Cheun, SVP and head of communications research, R&D centre at Samsung.

“Through this opportunity of co-operation between the two companies, therefore, I believe Korea will continue to lead mobile communications network in 5G as it does in 4G.”

South Korea is aiming to roll out 5G capabilities by 2020 and early indicators of 5G are expected to herald a new era of connectivity between machines and humans, bringing innovation and adding value to the mobile life of individuals.

“We expect the two companies – mobile carrier and mobile network manufacturer – will share vision for 5G through the joint research, thereby generate synergy effect in the development of the next generation telecommunications technology,” added Alex Jinsung Choi, EVP and head of SK Telecom’s ICT R&D division.

SK Telecom signed a similar agreement with vendor Ericsson earlier this year.

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