SmartIPX deploys Cataleya’s Orchid One platform

SmartIPX deploys Cataleya’s Orchid One platform

UK-based managed services provider SmartIPX has deployed Cataleya’s Orchid One Network Session and Application platform to support its wholesale voice offering.

SmartIPX will use Orchid One to enhance its user experience for MVNO and voice service provider customers across the globe, while allowing the company to monitor QoS and QoE in real time.

“This deployment reflects our commitment to delivering the highest quality services for our customers and proactively enhancing our network capabilities,” said Paul Tindley, CEO at SmartIPX. “Our managed services partners rely on us to deliver IP communications that are not just ‘best effort’ but industry–leading. By deploying Orchid One we are taking our services to a new level.”

Cataleya’s solution is specifically designed to enable the delivery of IP communications service and high-performance applications. The service is described as critical for the delivery of IPX enabled networks.

“SmartIPX recognised the potential of Orchid One to develop its operation and make quality and network performance a true differentiator,” added Jay Jayasimha, chief technology innovation officer at Cataleya. “When you put intelligence in the network, you change what is possible in your business.”