E-Plus and ZTE plan to launch VoLTE services

German operator E-Plus has announced plans to work with Chinese company ZTE to aid the deployment of VoLTE services.

The two companies will cooperate on the deployment of IP multimedia services based on core network infrastructure, and it will be the basis for commercial VoLTE services on the E-Plus network.

Both E-Plus and ZTE have been cooperating on IMS solutions, and it has begun to test VoLTE services for commercial use on the E-Plus network.

“It has become a tradition that E-Plus, with our strategic partner ZTE, leads the market in introducing new technologies in the core network,” said Christoph Bladoschewski, department manager voice and services at E-Plus. “The introduction of IMS in such a short time is a true masterpiece by ZTE.”

VoLTE is designed to provide higher quality voice services for end users and is intended to improve user experience.

ZTE said it also allows for the flow of switching voice services from the 4G IMS network to the 3G equivalent to ensure 4G users migrate easily when required to.

Widespread VoLTE deployment began last year, and it now becoming essential for operators to launch 4G services on the platform.

"We are very honoured to provide IMS network and VoLTE solutions for E-Plus, said Li Jun, CEO of ZTE Deutschland GmbH. “ZTE's VoLTE solution will help E-Plus to provide high-quality voice services and guarantee high-bandwidth data services based on LTE access. ZTE’s implementation of the VoLTE technology will also help improve E-Plus's network profitability."

ZTE and E-Plus have cooperated on launching a range of services on the market since 2009.