EE adds 1.3 million subscribers to 4G network

Mobile operator EE has announced the addition of 1.3 million customers to its 4G network in Q2 this year and claimed that take-up of its mobile broadband service was the fastest in Europe.

EE was the first UK operator to launch 4G services after regulators allowed the company to reuse its existing airwaves in October 2012. Rival operators O2 and Vodafone were only able to compete after the country’s 4G auction last year.

The company now has 4.2 million LTE subscribers, and has set a target of six million by the end of 2014, with 30.8 million network connections in total.

“We had a solid first half with a very strong take-up of 4G services,” said Olaf Swantee, CEO at EE. “A lot of the growth in 4G has come from a value-conscious segment that is moving across to 4G.”

Vodafone announced it has 900,000 4G subscribers in the UK at the end of June, and the company has confirmed its plans to invest billions in the network to upgrade 4G connectivity across its operating markets.