Algérie Télécom to deploy additional fibre

Algérie Télécom’s CEO has said the company intends to deploy an additional 20,000km of fibre-optic cabling in Algeria by the end of 2015.

CEO Mehmel Azouaou said that Algérie Télécom had already deployed approximately 57,000km of fibre and hopes this and the additional fibre will help it to improve quality of service and reduce costs.

The Algerian government has reportedly funded the company in a bid to help it achieve these goals.

Algérie Télécom previously reported problems with its fibre roll-out, citing “a lack of qualified engineering companies”, and as a result failed to meet its target of providing fibre broadband to all towns with more than 1,000 inhabitants.

In July the operator partnered with Nokia Networks to upgrade its MPLS network in the country, and earlier in May, selected Swedish vendor Ericsson for the deployment of an LTE network.