SingTel enables LTE-A services on Huawei device

SingTel enables LTE-A services on Huawei device

SingTel is claiming to be the first operator in the world to offer a commercial 300Mbps 4G service, following the launch of Huawei’s E5785 mobile device.

Chinese vendor Huawei has launched the device – which is compatible with LTE-Advanced networks – to deliver data speeds of up to 300Mbps.

SingTel partnered with Ericsson to first trial 300Mbps commercial speeds in June this year.

It will be offered exclusively on the SingTel network, and the company said the launch is significant because of the increasing trend for increased bandwidth consumption by multimedia applications.

“The launch of the device enables us to bring the benefits of LTE-A services to Singaporeans before anyone else in the world,” said Johan Buse, SingTel’s VP of consumer marketing.

SingTel revealed that other LTE-A-enabled devices, including smartphones and tablets, will be available on its network in the coming months.