ANALYSIS: Verizon expands CDN reach

Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) and EdgeCast have revealed a rapid expansion strategy that will see the CDN provider add an additional 20 PoPs to its footprint across major cities in the world.

The companies began an integration process in January after announcing Verizon’s $350 million takeover of the CDN company late last year, and they have worked for the past six months on a range of developments to beef up its operations in key markets.

It is launching new PoPs in a number of cities, including Warsaw, Stockholm, Milan, Vienna, Melbourne, Helsinki, Kaohsiung, Batam, Jakarta and São Paulo, while expanding its presence in London, Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam.

“Once Verizon Digital Media acquired EdgeCast network, it was important to start serving Verizon’s large global customers in addition to its extensive customer base,” said James Segil, CMO at Verizon Digital Media Services.

As part of the expansion, Verizon picked out its carrier neutral colocation site in São Paulo, Brazil, as one of the most important developments over the past six months.

Its data centre, in collaboration with Terremark, provides the company with redundancy links across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

“Brazil is one of the largest markets in the world,” said Segil. “South America is now critical for premium content experiences, and providing a PoP has helped to dramatically increase delivery time and performance.”

As part of the EdgeCast acquisition, Verizon Digital Media also revealed exclusively to Capacity that it has completed an e-commerce solution for online retailers, to provide fast and secure engaging customer experiences.