Telefónica claims IPX is real winner of World Cup

Telefónica claims IPX is real winner of World Cup

Telefonica Global Solutions has revealed that IPX traffic increased by a total of 63% on its international network during this year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The increase was recorded between June 12 and July 13, with the peak being an 88% increase during the early stages of the football championship.

The operator said it monitored the roaming experience of its 4G customers using a variety of tools through its global service and operation management centre. It also implemented an LTE supervision programme aimed at maintaining high service levels for its IP and capacity services.

As a result, Telefónica claims mobile subscribers travelling to the World Cup were able to use LTE services as if on their home national network.

“One of Telefonica’s top priorities is to ensure the quality of our communication services, so we are delighted to have provided the best-in-class services to our customers and to have supported telcos and internet companies to provide a better experience to their end users during the World Cup in Brazil” said Juan Revilla, CEO of wholesale business unit, Telefonica Global Solutions.