Perseus Telecom deploys timing service in CoreSite market

Perseus Telecom has today announced the deployment of its High Precision Time solution in CoreSite’s Northern Virginia market.

Perseus Telecom’s solution is a certified timing service, designed to enable customers to synchronise their systems over multiple data centres and regulate their timings in line with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) timescale.


“High Precision Time provides financial market participants and other customers an accurate time synchronisation solution,” said Jock Percy, CEO at Perseus Telecom. “In addition to its certification and verification benefits, the service mitigates risk by offering the ability to stay ahead of any future time-stamping regulation.”


Percy added that CoreSite’s Northern Virginian market was attractive, given its proximity to financial markets and rich ecosystem of partners across all verticals.

CoreSite customers now have the immediate ability to access the solution via a direct interconnect.


“It is important that organisations with performance-sensitive applications deploy their IT assets in data centres that feature certified timing and synchronisation, to ensure operational efficiency and compliance,” added Brian Warren, SVP of product and marketing at CoreSite.


In February 2014, CoreSite was awarded six nines availability for the third consecutive year.