ANALYSIS: Carriers and vendors ramp up cybersecurity investment

ANALYSIS: Carriers and vendors ramp up cybersecurity investment

Carriers and vendors in the market have faced up to the growing threat of cyberattacks as the industry begins to plough billions into countering the problem.

Numerous operators, including Orange, BT, Telefónica, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia have made plays by either acquiring or striking partnerships in the space, as malicious threats to networks become commonplace in the market.

According to data from SNS research, global spending on mobile device and network security infrastructure, software and services will reach $11 billion by the end of 2014. And in the next six years, the research firm estimates that this will grow at a CAGR rate of 20%.

Operators in the market have seen the very real threat posed by cyberattacks, according to analysts, and companies are investing in ways to make their networks more intelligent.

“Cybersecurity is harnessing the latest information technology tools, such as Big Data analytics, to analyse multiple logs in near time to detect suspicious patterns and issue early warnings of potential incidents,” said Igor Faynberg, director at Alcatel-Lucent’s cloud services team.

Alcatel-Lucent is in the process of transferring its network security assets to cybersecurity firm Thales, with a partnership agreement in place to allow for the French vendor to expand its commercial cybersecurity proposition. This, in turn, allows Alcatel-Lucent to offer customers an end-to-end network security solution.

Faynberg said partnerships between carriers and cybersecurity companies will be essential in coping against malicious data over networks.

“There needs to be a commitment to build on existing public and private initiatives to develop threat-informed risk management and mitigation methodologies to address the most consequential risks to critical systems, assets and networks,” he explained.

Vendors Nokia and Cisco have opted to develop solutions within their existing capabilities, with the Finnish vendor running the unit under its mobile broadband business. The unit is designed to develop telecoms security as a whole, while offering advice on processes, partnerships and guidance for product development.

Marc Rouanne, EVP for mobile broadband at Nokia, urged the industry to share knowledge on security research, with security development key as broadband networks evolve towards the cloud.

“We will continue to encourage industry dialogue and knowledge sharing in terms of security research,” he said.

Faynberg told Capacity that the industry must now work towards establishing a set of standards towards the issue.

“Security is a mindset,” he said. “Attention to security awareness must be increased at all levels.”

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