DE-CIX New York expands into Telx data centres

DE-CIX’s New York exchange has today revealed an exclusive expansion into two of Telx’s six New York data centres; NYC1 and NYC2.

DE-CIX launched its New York exchange late last year, which will now offer ISPs, carriers and other Telx customers additional network management opportunities by expanding peering to multinational enterprises and increasing options for the low-latency transfer of data.

“When expanding an internet exchange, we look to where our prospects and customers need us,” said Frank Orlowski, CMO at DE-CIX. “The New York/New Jersey metro area continues to act as a global hub for communications, and this agreement with Telx – which provides strategically located facilities in the heart of Manhatten – marks a milestone for our expansion in the region.”

Telx is a leading provider of data centre solutions and cloud enablement services, and the NYC1 and NYC2 data centres are well-established facilities not only in New York, but across the globe.

“For internet exchanges such as DE-CIX, location is everything. They need to be able to offer services as close to the heart of digital commerce as possible,” said Tony Rossabi, SVP of service provider markets at Telx. “With multiple access points available in Telx’s New York City data centre facilities, DE-CIX is now able to provide a scalable infrastructure with highly secure and resilient connectivity to its customers throughout the metro area.”

DE-CIX New York is said to be a revolutionary facility based on the European, carrier and data centre neutral internet exchange model.