Equinix and tw telecom launch cloud partnership

Equinix and tw telecom launch cloud partnership

Interconnection and data centre company Equinix and Ethernet service provider tw telecom have partnered to offer a combination of cloud, network and data centre services, designed to provide customers the ability to quickly deploy flexible cloud solutions.

The deal will see tw telecom provide customers with direct access to multiple cloud services and providers on the newly launched Equinix Cloud Exchange in nearly 40 Equinix data centres across the US.

“We’re delighted to have tw telecom services available on the Equinix Cloud Exchange to offer enterprise customers another great option for connectivity to the cloud in an easy to manage and secure environment,” said Sara Baack, CMO at Equinix.

Last week Equinix has launched the Equinix Cloud Exchange, an advanced interconnection solution designed to allow on-demand access to multiple clouds and networks worldwide.

The agreement is said to allow enterprises faster and easier access to Equinix’s cloud ecosystem through tw telecom’s secure, scalable and elastic business Ethernet connections.

“As more businesses embrace the adoption of cloud, integration between it and our unique intelligent network capabilities will ensure the delivery of elastic and predictable network solutions that are easier to manage,” said Graham Taylor, SVP of marketing at tw telecom.

“Equinix’s ability to provide on-demand and direct access to multiple types of clouds – hybrid, public and private – as well as connections to multiple destinations from their data centre locations is critical in helping our customers improve their business performance.”