O2 UK to invest £16 million in 3G coverage

O2 UK to invest £16 million in 3G coverage

O2 UK has announced plans to invest £16 million in an effort to improve 3G coverage across the country.

The operator plans to bring 3G coverage to remote areas of the UK, extending its data network to more than 200 locations this year.

The investment will also see 25% of the operator’s 2G and 3G masts upgraded by the end of 2014.

"Building a great network isn't just about bringing faster speeds to people that already have coverage,” said Derek McManus, COO of O2 UK. “It's vital that we also bring seamless coverage to people that have never had it before. Investment in all layers of our network is key to ensuring customers receive a great experience, whether that's in streaming live goals in the pub or receiving critical business information."

The announcement is part of a broader modernisation programme for 2014, which will see sites upgrading fibre connections, radio equipment, remote monitoring devices and antennas.

At the same time, O2 announced that it now has over 1 million 4G customers since launching services in August 2013.