No comment on Sprint/T-Mobile US deal, says Son

No comment on Sprint/T-Mobile US deal, says Son

SoftBank’s CEO, Masayoshi Son, said on Wednesday that he would not comment on reports that the company’s Sprint subsidiary is looking to acquire T-Mobile US.

SoftBank completed its acquisition of Sprint in July last year, and at a press conference today, Son declined to comment on rumours that Sprint is now looking to merge with T-Mobile US.

Son said he would not comment on “rumours in the industry”, but according to the Wall Street Journal, this does not mean that an eventual acquisition is not on the cards.

Son made a number of statements which some have interpreted to mean that Sprint may be considering the deal.

Sprint is the third-largest player in the US market and Son said: “By ourselves, all we can do is make Sprint’s status as number three as healthy as possible.”

“I can’t settle for number three or number two. It’s my personality,” he added.

Earlier this month, Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC, expressed his doubt about the materialisation of a deal between Sprint and T-Mobile US.