TI Sparkle and iBasis pen peering deal

TI Sparkle and iBasis pen peering deal

Wholesale voice carrier iBasis and Telecom Italia Sparkle have today announced an LTE roaming peering agreement, for the delivery of a consistent user experience to LTE roaming subscribers.

The deal is an extension of an existing IPX agreement between the two companies, signed in May 2012, and is designed to ensure interoperability between LTE networks, as well as further develop the global IPX network.

iBasis services operate through its LTE Signalling eXchange, while TI Sparkle operates its own Diameter Signalling solution, and both companies highlighted the importance of seamless roaming for their customers.

“Our LTE Signalling eXchange service solves the technical challenges, and peering agreements like this one with Telecom Italia Sparkle are vitally important to deliver the global footprint required to make LTE roaming a reality,” said Willem Offerhaus, CEO at iBasis.

Elisabetta Ripa, newly appointed CEO at Telecom Italia Sparkle, said that the company’s Diameter Signalling service fulfils its promise of developing solutions to facilitate interoperability among operators.

“We are pleased to expand our partnership with iBasis and enhance our existing multiservice IPX connection to make LTE roaming an easier proposition for operators and their end consumers,” Ripa added.