Belgacom to announce new CEO

The Belgian government is set to announce Dominique Leroy as the CEO of state-owned Belgacom, according to local reports.

Leroy – Belgacom’s existing EVP of consumer business – has worked at the company since 2011, and will replace Didier Bellens, who was fired late last year due to his repeated criticism of the authorities.

The existing CFO at the company – Ray Stewart – has acted as interim CEO since the dismissal of Bellens, while Stefaan De Clerck was appointed chairman of the board at the same time.

Leroy’s French and De Clerck’s Dutch nationality reportedly appealed to the government, which was keen to maintain a balance in the company.

US-based recruitment firm Russel Reynolds placed Leroy at the top of a drafted list for the position, but an official announcement is yet to be made.