PCCW Global and Lightower agree Ethernet partnership

PCCW Global has signed an agreement with network services provider Lightower to establish Ethernet international interconnectivity (E-NNIs) between their respective networks.

The partnership will enable both companies to leverage network footprint and offer end users additional networking solutions.

Through the Ethernet interconnect, Lightower will extend its switched and dedicated regional Ethernet reach beyond the US and into the 86 countries covered across PCCW Global’s Ethernet network, with access to more than 100 Ethernet PoPs on its MPLS backbone.

The new E-NNIs is designed to enhance PCCW Global’s Ethernet capabilities in the US and bridge the east coast and midwest regions, allowing the company to expand its Ethernet offering in the country.

“We are confident that this collaboration will provide an unparalleled quality of experience to our regional and global customers, who will leverage Lightower’s capabilities throughout the US,” said Richard Brolly, president of Americas at PCCW Global.

As part of the collaboration, both companies will also connect enterprises from metro markets in the US to developed or emerging markets across the globe.

“Ethernet interconnectivity affords carriers flexible ways to expand into new markets and leverage cutting-edge services,” said Scott Levy, VP of carrier sales at Lightower. “With these E-NNIs, PCCW Global is able to rapidly launch services in the US market, especially in high demand markets such as Herndon, Virginia and New York City."