Teletalk extends mobile network coverage

Bangladeshi mobile operator Teletalk has extended its network into the Sundarbans region, according to local reports.

Services are expected to be available at the beginning of next week following the implementation of telecoms infrastructure in Dublar Char, Katka and Mongla in southern Bangladesh.

The expansion into the Sundarbans - which is split between India and Bangladesh and marked as one of the most remote areas in the world - means an estimated 99% of Bangladesh now benefits from mobile coverage.

“This step is a part of the government’s initiative towards building a digital Bangladesh,” Mujibur Rahman, MD of Teletalk, told local reporters.

State-owned Teletalk is thought to be the only 3G service provider in Bangladesh, and earlier this month was named one of five operators to participate in the country’s upcoming spectrum auction.

To date, Teletalk is the only operator to have network coverage in the Sundarbans.