Telstra Global to launch EPLX services at Singapore PoP

Telstra Global to launch EPLX services at Singapore PoP

Telstra Global today announced that it will launch Ethernet Private Line Express (EPLX) services from its newly built PoP at the Singapore Exchange.

The PoP will connect financial services organisations to the Singapore Exchange and the EPLX services are designed to ensure fast and reliable connectivity into major financial capitals worldwide.

“The PoP inside the Singapore Exchange will allow financial organisations based in other EPLX linked financial centres to access into the Exchange without the need for additional local access for connectivity,” said Nathan Bell, director of marketing, products and pricing at Telstra Global.

“This will ensure consistent high capacity connectivity between the Singapore Exchange and key financial centres such as Chicago, New York, Sydney, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul.”

The EPLX services also deliver management capabilities to reduce operating risks, as well single point accountability and diagnostic capabilities.

“In addition, our customers globally will be able to access the Singapore Exchange by using EPLX as a mission-critical operational backbone,” Bell said.

The company is planning to build more EPLX-enabled PoPs in other financial capitals across the globe in the next 12 months.

Earlier this month, Telstra Global secured a licence to operate and sell telecoms services in Taiwan.