BICS launches roaming intelligence solution

BICS is launching its business intelligence tool, SMART Webvision, to monitor and track 2G, 3G and 4G roaming traffic.

SMART, which stands for Subscriber Management and Advanced Reporting Tool, will support LTE Diameter, LTE Data and GPRS Roaming Exchange network technologies.

Mikaël Schachne, VP of mobile data business at BICS expects to see significant revenue growth from mobile data roaming in the next five years, fuelled by the subscribers using data services abroad.

“Operators are acutely aware of this evolution and are looking at different ways to monitor inbound and outbound roaming traffic on different technologies and levels,” he said.

“Ultimately they want to guarantee the quality of the user roaming experience, anticipate traffic changes and define the right roaming strategy.”

The solution will allow MNOs, MVNOs and roaming service providers to analyse subscriber behaviour, usage trends and network performance, and make informed business decisions as a result.

Operators are expected to be able to boost their revenues through the service, as well as optimise the roaming experience.

“SMART will give operators a 360° view on their roaming business enabling them to fine-tune their roaming strategy,” Schachne explained.

“Intelligence provided by SMART will enable operators to maintain quality and speed for premium customers in an area where there is limited bandwidth.”

In May this year, BICS partnered with cVidya for the delivery of a fraud prevention service.