O3b and Glocall partner in Somalia

Satellite provider O3b Networks has partnered with Somalian ISP, Glocall Telecoms, for the delivery of ultra high-speed, low-latency capacity in the country.

Glocall provides high-speed broadband access solutions through WIMAX and Wifi technologies, and the partnership is expected to allow for the rapid deployment of next generation services for the ISP.

“The O3b Networks medium orbit, low latency, fibre replacement solution has been selected to enable the bandwidth starved region to catapult into a new era of growth and development after years of hardship and devastation,” said Mobeen Bhamjee, CEO at Glocall Telecoms.

“This technology will have a massive impact on the lives of ordinary people for whom digital connectivity was previously either unavailable or unaffordable, allowing them the opportunity to access the global village and the benefits that come with it.”

The collaboration is further expected to give Glocall customers access to the satellite provider’s global backbone, as well as provide faster, more affordable connectivity options.

“Africa, with more than one billion people, is a key market for O3b and Somalia is a good example of the potential it contains,” said Omar Trujillo, regional VP for Africa and LATAM at O3b.

“Glocall is an experienced operator with a clear market roll out plan - together we can bring a crucial data infrastructure to the previously under-served Federal Republic of Somalia.”

O3b launched its first four satellites in June this year and is preparing for the launch of its second four in September.