Myanmar targets allocation of more licences

Myanmar targets allocation of more licences

The Myanmar government plans to further increase international participation in the country’s telecoms sector after it has rolled out two nationwide mobile licences in the country.

Deputy ICT minister Thaung Tin told reporters the country is also looking for companies to launch internet services and provide infrastructure development. It is thought Myanmar will need thousands of kilometers of fibre infrastructure once the two nationwide licences are awarded.

Initially, the country has only decided to roll out two mobile licences because of limited spectrum availability, but it does plan to allocate more licences to promote additional competition in the country.

The country plans to announce the winners next Thursday, with a range of global companies in the running, including SingTel, Bharti Airtel and KDDI.

A SingTel led consortium pledged a commitment last weekto exceed the country’s licence obligations and launch a satellite to improve international connectivity if it wins the tender.