AT&T could divest non-core assets

AT&T could divest non-core assets

AT&T is rumoured to be interested in selling its non-core assets in a bid to enable financial flexibility, according to recent reports.

The company declined to comment on which assets it may sell, with AT&T spokesman Brad Burns refrained from commenting to Reuters with regards to a sale of its wireless broadcast towers.

Burns told Reuters in an email AT&T had seen others sell non-core assets and added: “If we wanted additional flexibility that could be an option for us too”.

“In all cases, our decisions are driven by what’s right for the company and for our shareowners, so in that sense, nothing’s off the table,” Burns told Reuters. “But any comments by analysts about potential sales are simply speculation. The bottom line is we have attractive assets that could be a potential source of cash," he added.

Burns further said the company was in a strong financial position, with record cash flows in 2012.