Czech Republic cancels mobile auction
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Czech Republic cancels mobile auction

CTU, the Czech regulator, has cancelled the auction of frequencies in the 800, 1,800 and 2,600MHz bands following “excessive” bidding.

The auction was initially launched on July 12 last year and combined bids for the spectrum reportedly exceeded $1 billion, which were continuing to rise.

“Such excessive prices of the auctioned frequencies would have to negatively translate into excessive charges for fast mobile internet,” said Pavel Dvorák, chairman of the CTU. “We therefore consider it necessary to step in and prevent future negative consequences for the customers.”

According to the CTU, the main objective of the auction was to support LTE and the eventual entry of a fourth operator to the market.

The CTU claims the auction was prepared in line with terms of other EU auctions and included offers from Telefónica, T-Mobile Czech Republic, Vodafone Czech Republic and PPF Mobile Services.

CTU spokesman, Frantisek Malina, told reporters that it still plans to sell the spectrum this year and new conditions will be drafted to prevent unrealistic prices, although it is not yet clear what type of auction this will be.