Orange Jordan upgrades mobile payments service

Orange Jordan upgrades mobile payments service

Orange Jordan has launched International Money Transfer as an addition to its mobile payments service Orange Money.

The service was launched in collaboration with Samhouri Exchange and is expected to enable Orange Money customers to transfer money from Jordan to other countries.

Initially, the service will run between Egypt and Jordan with more countries to be added to the list in the coming months.

The service is designed to benefit the large community of Egyptian workers living in Jordan that wish to transfer money back to Egypt, specifically targeting those living in rural areas with limited access to bank accounts.

"We are offering our subscribers the opportunity to transfer money to international destinations from the convenience of their mobile handset at anytime and from anywhere, as we believe that this solution exemplifies convenience, and at Orange Jordan we are all about improving the quality of life,” said Jean-François Thomas, CEO of Orange Jordan. “We feel that mobile financial services are the future of the communication era that we live in today.”

Orange Money was launched in May last year and during the initial launch period of International Money Transfer, the service will be offered to users at no charge.