Multinet Pakistan targets next phase of network roll-out

Multinet Pakistan targets next phase of network roll-out

Alternate data and voice service provider Multinet Pakistan is aiming to deploy fibre infrastructure to neighbouring countries Iran and China as part of the second phase of its network roll-out, Capacity Daily can reveal.

The company began the deployment of its fibre network in 2005 and commenced commercial operations midway through 2008.

Since then the company has experienced significant growth to both its services and network, including extending fibre to neighbouring India and Afghanistan.

The company’s services now claim to cover 109 cities, providing connectivity to 95% of the corporate sector in Pakistan.


“We are attending Capacity Middle East to develop our ongoing business with carriers, and share our progress with them,” said Rashid Shafi, SVP at Multinet Pakistan.

“We also like to show that Multinet has emerged as the ultimate choice for carriers looking for connectivity into Pakistan,” he added.

Shafi said there is a market opportunity being presented by the high volume of the Pakistan population now living in the Middle East.

With a population of over 176 million, Pakistan is also an emerging market opportunity for international carriers, according to Shafi.

Finally, Shafi said Pakistan offers Middle Eastern carriers a gateway to Afghanistan. Multinet Pakistan is a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia.