du’s datamena partners with CDNetworks

du’s datamena partners with CDNetworks

du’s data centre and connectivity platform, datamena, has announced that CDNetworks has joined its customer ecosystem.

The partnership follows a trend by Middle Eastern operators in integrating cloud services and promoting international connectivity within the region.

“International network operators will be able to interconnect with CDNetworks over the UAE-IX, the region’s leading internet exchange, which is located in datamena,” said Farid Faraidooni, COO at du.

By utilising datamena, cloud acceleration provider CDNetworks, will reportedly benefit from faster and more efficient website and content delivery to users in MEA, as well as an improved end-user experience of cloud services.

“CDNetworks customers will benefit greatly from the datamena ecosystem when looking to reach the Middle East and Africa,” said Jeff Kim, president and COO of the Americas and EMEA at CDNetworks.

“Both of these regions are seeing tremendous growth in internet usage and CDNetworks customers welcome the increased ability to reach their audiences.”

Internet usage allegedly grew by 3,607% and 2,640% in Africa and the Middle East respectively, from 2000-2012.

CDNetworks reportedly sees a lot of room for growth in these countries and is said to be looking to reach these markets with cloud applications, travel services and financial platforms.