Tata launches global LTE roaming services

Tata Communications has launched its global LTE roaming services, following an 18-month trial.

Targeting MNOs, the service is designed to eradicate some of the challenges and complexities of global LTE roaming by offering

a single interconnect point and facilitating protocol interworking across multiple mobile operators.

Researchers at Tata are said to have spent 18 months with vendors to testing and resolving all potential issues resulting from the transition from 2G/3G to 4G, as well as gaining an understanding of the operational enhancements required to run the framework effectively.

“Demand for 4G services is set to explode within the next two years, with some providers announcing price plans which are comparable to 3G,” said Jeffrey Bak, vice president of product management - mobility services at Tata Communications.

“This drives efficiencies, allowing MNOs to focus on their core competencies and maximise the revenue opportunities around next-generation networks,” he added.

The launch appears in line with Tata’s commitment to supporting MNOs, and follows the expansion of its managed services portfolio earlier this month.