VimpelCom signs capacity deal with SES

VimpelCom has signed a three-year capacity deal on SES’ NSS-9 satellite to deliver data services in the Russian Far East.

The move is designed to cater to VimpelCom’s clients based in the Kamchatka, Magadan and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky regions, and also enables the operator to utilise satellite capacity on their 3G network in the Russian Far East and East Siberia regions.

“VimpelCom uses satellite capacity to connect the nodes of its transmission network in the absence of ground infrastructure,” said Igor Parfenov, VP of technical services at VimpelCom. “Thanks to satellite the company can deploy 3G networks to provide services to users in remote regions of the Russian Far East.”

SES noted that VimpelCom operates in some of the harshest areas in Russia, which can only be best served by satellite connections.

“The high powered NSS-9 satellite and its comprehensive coverage over Russia has enabled SES to support VimpelCom as it continues to roll out 3G networks and provide data services in the eastern regions of Russia,” added Deepak Mathur, SVP for Asia at SES.