Cyprus gateway for HYLAS 2 satellite becomes operational

Following the launch of the HYLAS 2 satellite, Avanti and Cypriot operator Cyta have announced its gateway at Makarios Teleport has become operational.

The facility will support satellite control and traffic requirements of the HYLAS 2 satellite, which operates in Ka-band, providing broadband services in Europe, Africa, the Caucuses and the Middle East.

The gateway is designed to combine hosting facilities with diverse international fibre connectivity, and is seen as a milestone for Cyta’s satellite services.

“The HYLAS 2 gateway is a major step in Cyta’s efforts to strengthen its telecommunications node in the eastern Mediterranean,” said Yiannis Koulias, Cyta’s director national international wholesale market.

David Bestwick, technical director of Avanti, said HYLAS 2 “will play an important role in the development of broadband connectivity in the Middle East”.

He added: “The Cyta gateway will also support our enterprise and government data services clients across the region.”