du launches DDoS protection solution

The UAE’s du has joined the host of global carriers offering DDoS protection solutions to address the increasing frequency of DDoS attacks.

du’s DDoS Protect service is an expansion of its managed business solutions portfolio and is launched in recognition of the need to protect digital assets for its customers, according to the carrier.

“DDoS attacks today are even larger in scale than ever before, and leave targetted companies crippled with the lack of business continuity and subsequent effects on profits,” said Farid Faraidooni, CCO at du.

“We offer a comprehensive, sophisticated protection system that includes a complete package of security measures that is convenient and cost-effective. Our business customers can experience peace of mind knowing that their brand integrity and profits will not be affected by DDoS threats.

The solution is claimed to offer 24x7 protection and is supported by a team of technical experts and service level agreements.

“Traditional security is not effective against DDoS attacks, as they target the very services that firewalls have to allow through. DDoS Protect detects and stops threats in our ISP network or cloud, neutralising it before it can reach digital assets.”

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