Huawei successfully completes interoperability test with Microsoft

Huawei successfully completes interoperability test with Microsoft

Huawei has announced it has successfully completed an interoperability test (IOT) between Huawei’s IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and Microsoft Lync.

The Chinese vendor said the exercise was a sign of boosting efficiency of communications and allowing for more collaboration between enterprises.

During the successful IOT, Huawei’s gateway was used as the IP-PBX to interconnect with the Microsoft Lync server 2010, and the company said this confirms the device can be used to deliver a wider range of Unified Communications (UC) services to users.

The test further facilitates access of Lync to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), and is compatible with existing telephone systems, which reduces the need for additional investment by customers.

“The successful interconnection between Huawei’s IP-PBX and Microsoft Lync showcases the excellent features of Huawei’s UC products on convergence and openness and further enhances the joint competitiveness of Huawei and Lync,” said Yi Zhiguan, general manager of Huawei’s UC products. “Such interoperability applications will enrich the service offerings for UC customers and deliver better service experience to customers.”

Huawei and Microsoft reiterated a collective commitment to strengthen and cooperate further in UC, telepresence and video conferencing. The companies further pledged a commitment to showcase new developments together.

The move is part of a trend by vendors to enhance innovation and tap into the lucrative global enterprise market.