Nominum calls for new approach to carrier DNS

Nominum calls for new approach to carrier DNS

Carriers must change their approach to domain name system (DNS) in order to differentiate themselves and increase profitability, according to a leading industry voice.

Gary Messiana, CEO of Nominum, told Capacity that the increasing need to lower operating costs and differentiate meant that new DNS analytics tools coming into the market could not be ignored.

“The carriers don’t have the luxury any longer to not be efficient, they just can’t throw money at their problems.”

Nominum, which boasts the inventor of DNS, Paul Mockapetris, on its management team, believes that its monitoring solution presents valuable opportunities for carrier business development.

These look set to include new possibilities in terms of DNS-based security, subscriber safety and messaging.

Messiana claims that these applications will enable carriers to slow down churn, drive revenue and achieve differentiation.

The platform is claimed to solve problems that previously held back DNS monitoring, namely in the fact that it was previously extremely difficult to analyse DNS data in real time without causing latency on the network.

Messiana believes that Nominum’s analytics solution will continue the trend of DNS providers becoming more than just vendors of network infrastructure and into the space of platform solution providers.

DNS security applications are considered increasingly important to prevent attacks on mobile users, where traditional anti-virus programmes are less effective, and as a means of blocking content to users in order to abide by local laws.

In the UK, Nominum is working with Virgin Media to prevent access to adult content on its public Wifi hotspots in the London Underground.