ViaWest strikes IaaS agreement

ViaWest strikes IaaS agreement

North American-based ViaWest has entered into an agreement with software company Cadre Technologies to leverage its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform.

The agreement allows Cadre to use ViaWest’s managed service platform in hosting and IT services. ViaWest will further deliver a custom configuration for each of Cadre’s customers based on specific requirements.

ViaWest’s IaaS platform includes private cloud, scalable storage, redundant bandwidth and operating system support, housed in a secure environment.

It also gives Cadre a hosting configuration for its entire suite of warehouse management and logistics visibility systems.

“ViaWest’s secure data centres provide our customers with a stable environment to effectively manage their software,” said Roger Rountree, VP of marketing at Cadre Technologies.

Margie Sims, general manager of Colorado at ViaWest, believes the partnership gives Cadre effective infrastructure management. “We will take over the responsibility for many day-to-day IT needs, freeing up Cadre’s customers in-house teams to run their businesses more effectively.