Google unveils Kansas City fibre service

Google unveils Kansas City fibre service

Internet giant Google has unveiled its much anticipated ultra-fast internet/TV service in the Kansas City area and could begin installations as early as September.

Google Fiber will have an initial service area including central Kansas City, Missouri and all of neighbouring Kansas City, Kansas. The search giant is claiming to offer speeds 100 times faster than the average broadband connection and aims to surpass traditional cable providers in the US.

An initial package offering will include more than 100 TV networks and content from Netflix and YouTube, with a cost structure of $120 a month for TV, 1Gbps internet and 1 terabyte of cloud storage. Customers will also have to foot a $300 installation fee.

Google is also offering an internet only package for $70 per month which is expected to challenge the local dominance of Time Warner Cable. The established cable provider’s fastest internet service is priced at $99.95 for a 50Mbps connection.

In order to gauge interest in the service, Google is utilising an online registration system for users to decide where the service is extended to first. About 50 households will need to pay the $10 registration fee in an area to be eligible for service installation.

Users will be able to record up to eight television shows simultaneously and operate the service using multiple devices including tablets, smartphones and a voice activated remote control.