Ciena and Telrad selected for Israeli network deployment

Telecoms equipment vendors Ciena and Telrad were selected by Israel Credit Cards (Cal) to build a low latency private optical network connecting the company’s data centre in Yehud to its main facilities in Giv’atayim.

The deployment was driven by an increase in data volume and regulatory requirements, with Cal deciding to relocate its backup site in Rishon LeZion to a larger data centre in Yehud. Additional bandwidth requirements on the 30km route linking Cal’s data centres meant that quadruple capacity was needed.

Ciena and Telrad cooperated to complete the deployment in two weeks, with no service disruption.

“Two aspects played a central role when selecting our networking partner: future-proof technology and trust. Ciena’s highly resilient, scalable and low-latency network allows Cal to cost-effectively plan for future growth. At the same time, we also know that Ciena’s roadmap will continue to support this platform, since it is ahead of the industry and allows a seamless upgrade to 40G and beyond. Telrad’s ability to meet Cal’s timeline and ongoing support has been equally important,” said Avi Polak, head of infrastructure at Cal.

Ciena’s 4200 platform was used for the deployment, to allow Cal to support two 10G Ethernet and four 4G fibre channel connections between the data centres. The vendor claims that its solution significantly improves Cal’s back-up and storage processes, with it now taking a quarter of the time to back up a day’s worth of data.

The contract also includes a long-term service agreement for which Ciena trained Cal’s operations group to manage the network and Telrad’s local team is providing support.