Data centre alliance expands to Latam

Data centre alliance expands to Latam

The International Data Centre Group (IDC-G) has expanded into Latin America after signing an agreement with Ecuadorian data centre operator Telconet.

The company offers carrier-neutral data centres in Quito and Guayaquil linked by a fibre-optic network. With a total of 1,900m2 of technical space, the Tier 3 facilities are said to boast extensive connectivity with Ecuador.

For IDC-G, the move marks the global data centre alliance’s first partner in Latin America. The group has 31 data centres in 17 countries, including Belgium, Channel Islands, Croatia, Ecuador, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Mauritius, Oman, and the United States (Hawaii).

“We have been seeing significant demand from our clients in South America and, in a region where demand clearly exceeds supply, we are delighted to now be able to service clients through a leading provider such as Telconet,” said Guy Willner, executive chairman at IDC-G.

Last month, Capacity investigated that insufficient power supplies could stop the development of a vibrant market for data centre services in Latin America in its tracks. The warning came from one of the world’s largest internet service providers, Level 3. The company’s SVP of data centres for Latin America & Caribbean, Gabriel Del Campo, said that power infrastructure across the region will need to improve dramatically to sustain the development of data centres.

Del Campo added that the problem was particularly acute in Brazil, where power companies are struggling to meet the standards required from the data centre industry: “In Brazil, the population and energy demand is growing faster than the country’s ability to provide that infrastructure. This poses a challenge because our data centres rely on the national power grid in order to deliver the right QoS.”