GBI integrates with Vodafone Qatar

GBI integrates with Vodafone Qatar

GBI has announced the integration of its cable system as the core link between Vodafone Qatar and other international networks.

Vodafone has plans to launch a terrestrial network link in Qatar later this year, and the development with GBI is described as a “necessary precursor” for that to happen.

GBI operates as the highest capacity cable system in the Middle East, and already has a global integration partnership with Vodafone for both voice and data services.

Ahmed Mekky, board member and CEO at GBI, described reliable international connectivity as “the lifeblood of modern business”. He said: “Vodafone Qatar’s plans for a high-capacity terrestrial network, using GBI to connect onwards to the world, represent a significant step towards establishing Qatar as an international business hub.”

Vodafone has established a landing station for GBI in Dayyan, just north of Doha and is fully operational. Vodafone Qatar’s CEO, Richard Daly, believes the integration marks the company’s “coming of age”. “The people and businesses of Qatar expect Vodafone to bring the same levels of innovation, competitiveness and service to the Gulf as we’ve been doing elsewhere for years. Using GBI, Vodafone Qatar is now able to connect to other Vodafone networks more economically and flexibly than previously,” added Daly.

The GBI cable system has a design capacity of 5Tbps and connects all countries of the Gulf in a ring configuration.